To Be All For God We Must Be Willing To Give All

Blessed By The Cross

These Are, The Ones Who Have Survived The Time Of Great Distress, They Have Washed Their Robes And Made Them White In The Blood Of The Lamb (Rv 7:14)
St Teresa Benedicta Of The Cross Is A Model For Women And What God Asks Of Each Of Us. She Relentlessly Searched For The Truth And Found It In The Catholic Church Where She Became A Carmelite Nun After St Teresa Of Avila. Being Jewish This Decision To Become A Catholic Nun Was Not An Easy One For She Knew This Would Hurt Her Mother Whom She Loved So Dearly. However, Edith Stein Followed Her Beloved To The Cross, And As A Daughter Of Israel, She Tasted The Sweetness Of The Cross As She Gave Her Life In The Extermination Camp At Auschwitz. Edith Stein Embraced The Cross And Found Strength In Bearing The Cross Of Jesus Crucified. She Found God In The Prayer Of Silence, And He Drew Her Close To Him, And She Rested In His Love. She Entered The Dark Night, Where Faith Was Her Guide; Hope Sustained Her And Love Led Her To The Cross. The Crucified Christ Was Her Life, Her Joy, Her Peace. It Must Be Ours Also As Mothers Our Vocation Is To Lead Our Children To Heaven. To Accomplish This, We Need To Search For God In The Silence Of The Heart. This Silence, He Will Speak To Our Souls. We Cannot Spend All Day In Prayer, But Our Very Lives Are A Form Of Prayer To God An Active Prayer That Humbles Us Making Us More Obedient To God’s Will. As We Travel The Path Of Holy Motherhood, We Must Be Led By God As St. Teresa Benedicta. We Must Be Courageous And Embrace The Cross Of Holy Motherhood Aiding One Another On This Journey. We Must Reclaim The Dignity Of Motherhood Imitating The Life Of The Blessed Mother. The World Needs The Courageous Love That Saint Teresa Benedicta Of The Cross Modeled For Us. We Are Made For Heaven, And Our Lives Should Glorify God, Not The World.
“A Scienta Crucis(Knowledge Of The Cross) Can Be Gained Only When One Comes To Feel The Cross Radically.”
This Quote From St Teresa Benedicta Is My Favorite.  On Sunday, August 2, 1942, She Was Seized By The Gestapo Along With Her Sister Rosa. She Left The Convent The Last Words She Uttered Were” Come Let Us Go For Our People.”

Ave, Crux, Spes, Unica!
Hail Cross Our Only Hope


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